20 July 2021


    In recent years, we have seen more and more 4GLTE and 5G with the spread of smartphones. The digitalization of our lives has brought smartphones closer to us, and the spread of applications based on high-capacity communications has improved the convenience of our lives.
    At present, the communication network generally used by individuals is a system called Commercial LTE, which is provided by telecommunication service providers (commonly known as "carriers"). On the other hand, JRC offers Private LTE solutions. So what is Private LTE?

    In the blind zone

    Private LTE, JRC offers a solution based on LTE standards that are optimized for closed networks. Commercial LTE, which is commonly used, is a system built for general use. Therefore, in some areas with few users, communication networks may not be built due to their low cost-effectiveness.

    Private LTE is a system that allows users to build their own lines In the blind zone. Specifically, this system can contribute to the efficiency of operations by installing high-speed, high-capacity LTE lines in areas where there are no communication networks in the current environment, such as oil rigs and mines.



    Commercial LTE is a communication network that can be used by anyone in the service area by signing a contract with a carrier. However, when a disaster occurs, the lines may become congested and usage may be restricted.
    Private LTE, on the other hand, can provide an environment where highly confidential communications between specific users can be carried out smoothly by building a system even when the existing communication network is congested. There are also portable solutions that can be used to build an immediate communication network on a temporary basis.


    Priority setting (speed management)

    Private LTE is also used in the field for police, firefighting, disaster relief, etc. It can be provided as a system that can quickly save lives and assess the situation in the field during an emergency. Private LTE can be configured by the administrator to ensure that communications are not interrupted in high-priority emergency areas.
    The configuration file can be easily read out and overwritten for efficient operation in accordance with local conditions. For example, when communicating with the control center, it is possible to set up the system from the management screen to give priority to images and video from the field, while instructions are given in the text.
    There are other solutions that can interconnect with existing voice lines such as TETRA(Terrestrial Trunked Radio) and DMR(Digital Mobile Radio).
    For further information about Private LTE, please check out our other blogs and use cases. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.