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During emergencies or natural disasters, wireless infrastructure may be damaged. The network could become overloaded with a surge of user devices trying to connect to the primary network – whether it is mobile service providers, public safety agencies – local, state, and federal or industrial organisation.

Therefore, organisations need to mitigate and plan to have modularly mobile and rapidly tactical deployable networks to establish critical communication when it counts.

Independent Communications Mitigation Solution (ICMS)

Our ICMS solution is a perfect solution for your communication mitigation plan. That ensures your critical services and communications on site is maintained, and essential information and data can be shared back to the head office.

The ICMS solution is a high capacity, compact, rapidly deployable Fly-Away or Drive-Away platform that is ruggedly engineered to withstand the rigours of the harsh, remote environment it will operate within. Included in the ICMS solution is our unique patent-pending technology features, as well as communication interoperability capability, are:

  • Multi Bubble technology
  • Relay technology
  • JRC LTE to PMR bridge

Our ICMS LTE network is an enabler for other technologies like industrial Wi-Fi networks and LMR radios to integrate with it. The self-acquiring satellite communications dish and the ICMS network’s coverage of up to 10km enable staff, equipment, devices, etc., to connect back to head office.

Our ICMS LTE network provides real-time access to critical remote data, dependable data acquisition from key sensors, field devices and field workers. It is also an enabler to reliably stream video and still, imagery and other critical information and data back to the head office task force team to process and analyse it. The task force team can devise a plan of action whilst the emergency and recovery teams are on their way to the site. When the emergency and recovery teams arrive, they know what they need to do to save lives and minimise recovery time.

Our ICMS solution deployment illustrated

Public Safety_v5

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