Multi Bubble Use Case for Open Cast Mining

With mining operators adopting the digital transform of their operations and creating the so called ‘Connected Mine’. The World Economic Forum has forecasted that the digital transform of mining operations will add $425 billion to the industry over the next five years. The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transform.

JRC’s fixed Private LTE, Tactical LTE Box™ and LTE Relay offering allows a customer to deploy a solution that is uniquely different to what other vendors offer in open cast mining (surface) operation.

JRC Multi Bubble features explained

The unique patent pending Technology features that feature in JRC’s product offering are:

Multi Bubble technology

Multi Bubble technology, and Our bubble technology features in-band wireless communication our portable equipped.

Relay technology.

Devices fitted with the relay feature extends your network coverage and increases number concurrent users for the network.

Your onsite assets (equipment) essentially form part of your private network.

The draglines in the two pits are equipped with our Tactical LTE Box™ that sets network within the pit area and manages all connected devices and multi technology communication devices in the pit.

The haulage trucks equipped with our relay technology sets up an ad-hoc network link between the primary network and the independent secondary network. When the in-band link is established data, communication and network management assumed by the primary network and all data from the secondary network is shared with the primary network’s servers. Once the haulage truck is in the pit and losses its in-band communication link with the primary network the secondary network then assumes the management of the haulage truck.

Our patent pending multi bubble technology enables a private network operator to replace nomadic trailers and reduce operational cost.

JRC’s technologies deployed site wide



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