4G LTE Critical Mission offering…where no others can go

Facing many threats like terrorism, natural disasters, border tensions, etc. Defence command chains rely on deployable and tactical IT/communication capabilities to efficiently coordinate and conduct operations. These solutions must be robust, agile, and easy to deploy and redeploy wherever and whenever needed.

Emphasising the importance of tactical private LTE solutions in mission-critical communications. Private LTE is an enabler that delivers reliable, resilient, real-time data and secure network communication to the command centres for real-time analysis.

National and state security agencies

Our Tactical LTE Box™ solution provides a secure private LTE network with many key benefits and unique features. For national security operations such as protecting critical infrastructure (military bases, etc.), securing large events, or organising an emergency response after a natural disaster.

Like most solutions, it improves tactical situation awareness and information sharing, guarantees interoperability between security agencies that need to coordinate their operations. We support any number of operational applications and can connect in secure mode to other users, like government agencies, via external networks.

Overseas and national humanitarian deployments

Our Tactical LTE Box™ solution and its unique features in humanitarian deployments provide an interoperable solution in a constrained environment. Providing an efficient way for multiple humanitarian agencies to be operational in a very short time and cooperate more effectively with each other.

Our Tactical LTE Box™ solution is a logical extension choice. To support high throughput Satcom and LOS communication systems, providing quick and secure access to broadband wireless services or mobile command applications within a humanitarian deployment.

Why JRC’s LTE:

  1. It is a compact mobile communication solution that’s deployed in minutes.
  2. Enhanced security guarantees service availability and confidentiality on critical missions.
  3. Enables you to deliver full LTE capabilities and interoperable with other communication systems (two-way radio communications, Satcom, third party networks, etc.).



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