Smart EPC

JRC Smart EPC solution has been designed for Private LTE applications.
It perfectly fits the requirements of Public Safety, Mission-critical, Private companies, and WISP.
Easy to deploy and easy to manage, it will optimize the network TCO.

Smart EPC

Do you have
such a problem?


Immediate networking
in the face of unforeseen circumstances


Lightweight, portable
and quick to assemble


Independent network
with a high level of security




Key Features

  • Complete system in a BOX –Integrated solution
  • Small yet capable EPC
  • Personalization and user profiles
  • Advanced IP allocation support (Fixed, Static, Dynamic)
  • Redundant and Load balancing
Consolidated Core Solution


Consolidated Core Solution

  • Consolidated Enhanced Packet Core solution supporting standard 3GPP components: MME, PGW, SGW, HSS, and internal basic PCRF.
Advanced Functionalities


Advanced Functionalities

  • Multi APN
    Support multi APN per UE or per UE groups
  • Operating small to medium networks
    Quick network and users configuration (plug &play) Simple operation status view. Full backup and restore procedures
  • Advanced IP allocation
    Dynamic, Static, Internal, External, From dedicated pools
  • Advanced TFT support
    Support standard and above the standard filter capabilities
  • Multi users
    Support network behind 4G UE that acts as a bridge or router
  • NAT
    Enables NAT for connected UEs
  • Billing
    Already integrated with a third party cost-effective billing solution

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