JRC Tactical LTE Box

Public safety and security forces have the difficult task of bringing order to chaos. Those First responders must be able to communicate during an emergency, reliably and without any security threats. Effective emergency and natural disaster management depends on the efficient mission critical voice and data communication between first responders and victims.
Land mobile radio system (LMRS) is a legacy narrowband technology used for critical voice communications with limited use for data applications. The new long term evolution (LTE) broadband communication technology has the ability to transform the capabilities of public safety technologies by providing broadband, ubiquitous, and mission-critical voice and data support.
Too often in critical situations the commercial communication networks are not reliable or don’t support the security level needed for public safety forces. The first 30 minutes of a fire or active shooter situation usually defines what the next several hours are going to be used for. During those first critical minutes, the first responders need a simple yet advanced communication system that connects with all the human resources that are involved or will be involved and most likely all of them will use cell phones. Those troops need an independent, reliable broadband wireless solution that allows voice, video and data transmission without dependency on any commercial resources.

  • Lightweight ruggedize system
  • Single box solution
  • Operated independently and within an existing cellular wireless coverage
  • Supports several standard LTE frequencies and several bandwidth capacities
  • Suitable for both stationary and on the move implementations
  • Pre-equipped with applications such as MCPTT, Voice gateway to allow voice, video, text and file transfer capabilities
  • Ability to host the customer private application