Smart EPC

  • Complete system in a BOX – Integrated solution
  • Small yet capable EPC
  • Scalable from 100k subscribers
  • Personalization and user profiles
  • Service selection and selective priorities
  • Advanced IP allocation support (Fixed, Static, Dynamic)
  • Interface to external billing system
  • Redundant and Load balancing


  • Industry Leading Compact Size and Light Weight
  • 2 x 2 MIMO
  • Support Standard Frequency Bands
  • SDR Architecture with High Tx power
  • Highly Integrated and configurable Baseband SoC
  • Proven SW Stacks for 3GPP R8/R9 Service Operation
  • Easy Deployment and Flexible Mounting Options
  • No footprint


  • Advanced EMS (Element Management System) with state-of-the-art technology
  • Enables the operator to easily manage and monitor the equipment providing fault, configuration, performance and security management
  • Can be operated by ‘Cloud Server’

Network Architecture